Laguna Gloria

Laguna Gloria is an art school and sculpture garden in Austin, Texas. Many people hold events there, and it’s right down the road from Mayfield Park (check out my Mayfield Park post here). In fact, one of the birds from Mayfield Park had wandered over to Laguna Gloria when I visited. There are some very neat sculptures and it’s a popular place to walk your dog as well.

DSC04191 (2)_LI

The lighting and scenery here are wonderful for portrait photography and nature photography. I even spotted an owl in one of the trees! It’s almost magical when the light hits the verdant trails and

The contemporary art is also very unique, and it’s fun to walk through the grounds and continue finding more art as you go.

I found a nice spot with a seat along the Colorado River which was very calming.

Overall, Laguna Gloria is a great place to visit so be sure to stop by and plan on staying for several hours.

DSC04453DSC04455 (2)

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  1. Heather Menn says:

    So pretty-thanks for sharing


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